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Joe Glass
April 19, 2000

A look at bleem!
SONY Playstation on PC!

The SONY Playstation has been in the console market for nearly half a decade and has created millions of loyal Playstation gamers. For a console that entered a market dominated by Nintendo, the Playstation has proven it has the right mix of developers, marketing, and technology to capture the console market.

Today, the Playstation is still going strong and we still see a strong following of users giving developers more reason to keep developing games and content for the aging system. SONY recently released in Japan the successor to the Playstation - the SONY Playstation 2. To make way for the Playstation 2, the average selling price for the Playstation now is $99. The low price point hopes to bring new console gamers to the Playstation and help sell more games.

When compared to the Playstation 2, the Playstation is technically dated in terms of graphics, sound, and computational power.

What can be done to increase the longevity of the Playstation and keep people interested in the games developed for it? How can the experience be enhanced to help the Playstation compete with the current trend of consoles today? Is it possible to add value to a console that is five years old? There is a way and it is called emulation!

What is emulation?
Computer emulation is the black art of imitation an electronic device. Everything from the audio, the interface, and the graphical look and feel is all recreated. For console emulation, the emulation software actually takes a game's computer code and interprets the code into comparable computer code. Since computers typically have more CPU power, more memory capacity, and graphics power, emulation software can actually enhance the game in ways the original developers never intended. The end results is an experience that equals or exceeds the experience the game would have on a console.

An emulator called Bleem from Bleem Incorporated emulates the SONY Playstation. Bleem is available now online and in retail chains and costs $29 retail. At this price point, Bleem is an affordable cost effective solution to the $99 Playstation console.

But, is Bleem a niche novelty or a real alternative to a Playstation?

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