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Benjamin Sun
January 18, 2001

GeForce2 GTS Second Look
NVIDIA's GeForce2 GTS has been a staple in gaming systems for quite some time. We take a look at the video card that set the standard.

A Short History of Nvidia and a Geforce2 GTS Review
This article will be a change of pace from 99% of the articles on a Geforce2 GTS on the net. I won't be using benchmarks , much like my V5 5500 review which you can read here. In lieu of a bunch of Q3A , UT and 3dMark benchmarks, it's my intention to discuss PLAYING games with a Geforce2 GTS. I'll be using many games that I play today, instead of games that are mainly used as a benchmark. First , a little history of Nvidia. From the first NV1 to today's Geforce2 Ultra, the evolution of Nvidia's chipsets has been quite interesting.

On a side note, ATI was also kind enough to send  a 32mb DDR Radeon, which completes the triumverate of the major graphics cards which will make up a all-in-one comparison article to come. At this time I would like to thank Nvidia, ATI and 3dfx for making these articles possible. I hope you enjoy reading this article as much as I did writing it. Let's get started shall we?

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