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Joe Glass
September 28, 2000

Cyborg 3D USB GOLD
Need a flightstick with more features you can shake a stick at? Saitek has your fix...

Saitek is really making a name for itself with a new flightstick called the Saitek Cyborg 3D USB GOLD. It's a new derivative of the regular Cyborg 3D USB. The Cyborg 3D USB was an already impressive flightstick with its customizable hand rest, adjustable trigger heads, and large base. The Cyborg 3D USB GOLD literally puts the icing on the cake.

Functionality, look, and feel
The Cyborg, at first glance, looks like a rickety flightstick made of black plastic. You would expect the whole stick to be jet black, but thankfully it has a mild gray colored stick. The Cyborg is very mechanical unlike the smooth organic and ergonomic flightsticks you might be typically used to. It's as if the designers wanted the user to know how the Cyborg works. But irony has a way of appearing in unexpected places. The Cyborg is immensely functional. First off, the Cyborg is customizable and ambidextrous. The top head of the stick can tilt forward or backward for thumb size. It also can tilt left, center, or right for left and right handed people. The hand rest on the stick can be raised or lowered and flipped left or right, again, for left or right handed people. The throttle handle can be placed on the left side or on the right side. The base is symetrical and wide for a very stable foundation. Most these tilt functions are screwed on with a hex screw. A special screw driver is attached and can be removed whenever an adjustment is needed.

USB Features
USB is really works wonders for the Cyborg. It works so well that it is part of its name. By nature of USB, the Cyborg doesn't use any finite resources such as IRQs or memory addresses. It's hot swappable, and it can cooexist peacefully with other USB joysticks. You could even put more than one Cyborg on one PC if you wanted.

More Buttons
There are a lot of buttons. There are ten buttons total. On the base, there are two shift buttons buttons (buttons that are on each side of the base). Four function buttons are at the front of the base. The thumb pad at the top has three buttons nested at an angle for easy reach. Perhaps the only fault with the Cyborg is the trigger. It's governed by a microswitch, thus it doesn't have much play to speak of. It also feels a bit flimsy with weak plastic. It's strong enough for everyday use, but I would be cautious to say that it could possibly break if given a strong enough mechanical force at the edge.

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