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Joe Glass
September 20, 2000

GeForce2 Ultra Analysis
How fast is NVIDIA's latest chipset? We take a look.

Another six months another video chipset from NVIDIA is how the saying goes in consumer PC graphics. What All of you have been anticipating the next follow up to the GeForce2 GTS. If you've been keeping up with the cycles and NVIDIA's internal naming scheme, NVIDIA should be releasing NV20, but instead we get NV16. As the number suggests, the NV16 isn't a radically different chipset than the NV15.

So what's new?
The GeForce2 Ultra has the exact same feature set as the GeForce2 GTS. We're not going to go over ther specs since we have exhaustively covered this in our previous previews of GeForce2 technology. If you need to know, check out our GeForce2 GTS preview or our ELSA GLADIAC review. The GeForce2 Ultra is to the GeForce2 GTS like the RIVA TNT2 Ultra was to the RIVA TNT2. The Ultra uses the GeForce2 GTS core with a .18 micron process. But, like the RIVA TNT2 Ultra, the GeForce2 Ultra is actually a speed bumped GeForce2 GTS. The core has gotten a nice 50mhz speed bump and a 63mhz (127mhz effective DDR) increase in memory clock. Also, NVIDIA has introduced new drivers called "Detonator 3" which improve upon NVIDIA's previous "Detonator 2" drivers. With significant advances in driver optimization, the Detonator 3 drivers adds even more performance to the GeForce2 Ultra. With this "one-two" combination of increased hardware clock and optimized drivers, NVIDIA has again raised the bar of performance.

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