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Joe Glass
July 22, 2000

GeForce2 MX Analysis
What is the GeForce2 MX and how does it compare to the regular GeForce2 GTS? We find out here.

NVIDIA is known in the consumer graphics world as a leading manufacturer of high performance graphics chipsets. With new products besting the previous NVIDIA product every six months, each of NVIDIA's performance product steps down to become a mediocre part. However, these high performance products are tuned towards desktops. For consumers that play 3D games or 3D rendering, performance and feature set is the key factor - no matter how that goal is achieved. These high performance products don't meet certain criteria that allows them to be used in other markets. Performance takes a back seat to issues such as power consumption, heat dissipation, and price. There is a balancing act which must be met. In the quest to dominate in every graphics market, NVIDIA announced the GeForce2 MX. The GeForce2 MX marks a new product line which represents NVIDIA's entry into mainstream computer systems. The GeForce2 MX addresses these issues that make the chipset an appealing solution for computer manufacturers and budget consumers.

Here's a scan of our test board:

Here's a pretty "PR" picture of the board:

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