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"NV35 Specifications"

Intel Canterwood Chipset reviews

Radeon 9600 Pro reviews

First Mobile 9200 and Geforce Go 5200 benchmarks

Geforce FX 5800 Reviews

ATI announces AIW 9800 Pro

NVIDIA to show a First Look at E3

OpenGL Meeting Notes

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Radeon 9800 Pro review from Guru3d

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Wednesday, April 16, 2003

"NV35 Specifications" - Benjamin Sun
NVNews has listed "NV35 Specifications" . Interesting speculation , hopefully we'll get a clearer picture on "NV35" in the near future

Click here for the speculation

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Intel Canterwood Chipset reviews - Benjamin Sun
Sorry for being MIA for a few days. Life has been hectic with taxes, my regular job and other things

Here's Tom's article

Here's HardOCP's article

Here's Hot Hardware's article

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Radeon 9600 Pro reviews - Benjamin Sun
The NDA has lifted and the 9600 Pro looks to be a worthy competitor. If you have a 9700 Pro or 9800 Pro or for that matter a 9500 Pro , you might want to look elsewhere, as all of those outperform the 9600 Pro. However, it's unlikely that the 9500 Pro will continue for much longer. Also of note, is that the 5600 Ultra from NVIDIA in most cases is outperformed by this card.

Click here for Tom's Hardware's review

Click here for Anand's article

Click here for Beyond3d's review

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Thursday, April 10, 2003

First Mobile 9200 and Geforce Go 5200 benchmarks - Benjamin Sun
The Inquirer has a set of benchmarks from a OEM on a Mobile Radeon 9200/Geforce FX Go 5200. The 9200 beats the 5200 in every test in that comparison. We'll see more reviews in June, but it'll be interesting. On a related note, I'm going to be working on a Mobile article .

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Wednesday, April 9, 2003

Geforce FX 5800 Reviews - Benjamin Sun
A few have hit the net recently

Compro's Poladyne Geforce FX 5800 by OCTools

Gainward's 5800 Ultra by PC Hardware Australia

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Tuesday, April 8, 2003

ATI announces AIW 9800 Pro - Benjamin Sun
Well, it looks like ATI has announced the AIW 9800 Pro. The successor to the AIW 9700 Pro, the 9800 Pro should be pretty awesome

Click here for the press release

Some facts on the AIW 9800 Pro

1. 380/340 clockspeeds (same as regular 9800 Pro)
2. Available in late May/early June
3. Unknown as to what bundle will be included

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Monday, April 7, 2003

NVIDIA to show a First Look at E3 - Benjamin Sun
Interesting, NVNEWs is reporting that NVIDIA is showing off something new at E3 next month. As I intend to be there I'll give a report at that time.

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Friday, April 4, 2003

OpenGL Meeting Notes - Benjamin Sun
Click here for the meeting notes

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Thursday, April 3, 2003

Ignore the left column links - Benjamin Sun
Our database is a little messed up. So clicking on today's stories will take you into a timewarp to December 2002

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Wednesday, April 2, 2003

Radeon 9800 Pro review from Guru3d - Benjamin Sun
Guru of 3d has his review of the Radeon 9800 Pro up. Click here to read it

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Tuesday, April 1, 2003

April Fools Day Jokes - Benjamin Sun
Well, as you know today' is April 1st . A lot of sites have April Fools Day jokes up .

Here you find that NVIDIA is giving away 10,000 Geforce FX cards and 100,000 Geforce FX T-shirts

Here, Rage3d has turned into a BitBoys Oy fansite

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Monday, March 31, 2003

AIW RADEON 9000 now available in North America - Benjamin Sun
ATI has released the AIW RADEON 9000 to North America. Previously only available in Europe, this $199 card features ATI's 9000 and their TV Tuner capabilities present in all of their AIW products

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Wednesday, March 26, 2003

my 9800 Pro article - Benjamin Sun
Doc has put up my Radeon 9800 Pro article. Click here to read the article

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NVIDIA and IBM form strategic partnership - Benjamin Sun
More on this as it develops. Click here for nVIDIA's Press Release

Click here for IBM's Press Release

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NVIDIA to use IBM foundry - Benjamin Sun
NVIDIA has announced that they are going to use IBM's chip-making plant to produce their next-generation chip due this summer.This can be considered a big win for IBM and will prevent the NV30 production problems from repeating. Note, NVIDIA is still planning on using TSMC for production of chips as well

Click here for the Press Release

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Tuesday, March 25, 2003

interesting stuff chat with NVIDIA's head of Dev Rel - Benjamin Sun
1. new driver to be released this week
2. Hear more about NV35 this spring
3. 4 Dawns is better than one

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Monday, March 24, 2003

SK41G FAQ - Benjamin Sun
Sudhian has a excellent FAQ on Shuttle's mainstream XPC barebones system Click here for the article

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Tom's Mobile DX9 article - Benjamin Sun
Tom's has a article on the mobile chips from NVIDIA and ATI Click here for the article

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Thursday, March 20, 2003

War Has Begun - Benjamin Sun
In other news, the US has begun a series of attacks on Iraq.

Click here for CNN

Click here for Yahoo News

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Wednesday, March 19, 2003

NV35 rumors - Benjamin Sun
While we have yet to see Geforce FX 5800 in any significant quantity out on the marketplace, NVIDIA was apparently quietly showing NV35 at Cebit. Chip.De has the following information for the chip. If it'scorrect, we may see something far far faster than NV30 and Radeon 9800 shortly.

Click here to read the story

256 Bit Memory Bus
500MHz DDR I (Effective 1000MHz) would mean 32GB raw memory bandwidth
500MHz GPU
Low noise cooling solution (Different from NV30)

Note, they also state that Geforce FX running at 250MHz core got 48 fps 1600x1200 4x FSAA 8x anisotropic filtering and "NV35" got 110 fps at that same clockspeed and setting.

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Thursday, March 13, 2003

NVIDIA  Geforce Go FX PRs - Benjamin Sun
NVIDIA Mobile GPUs Adopted By World's Top Notebook Manufacturers .Notable in this PR is the adoption by FIC, Medion and Quanta as well as their traditional notebook partner Toshiba.

NVIDIA First To Bring Family of Cinematic GPUs to Notebook Computers Notable here is that the chips are on display at Cebit 2003 which is currently being held in Hannover Germany.

BTW, apparently, ATI's M10 chip will also be announced today. It'll be interesting to see how they compare in terms of battery life, power consumption as well as performance

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Geforce FX Go 5200 announced - Benjamin Sun
NVIDIA has announcd a mobile chip based upon their Geforce FX family of cards. Based upon NV34 (Geforce FX 5200) this chip should be very nice with low power consumption

Click here for Bjorn3d's preview

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Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Geforce FX 5600 Ultra/ 5200 Ultra reviews - Benjamin Sun
Sorry for missing yesterday's review day as I've been quite busy writing a 9800 Pro preview. In case you missed it, here are some 5600/5200 Ultra reviews. Dunno where Joe's review is, but I assume it'll post soon...

Of note is that in most cases, the 9500 Pro outperforms the 5600 Ultra (not unexpected due to the 8 pixel pipelines versus 4 on the 5600 Ultra), the 5600 Ultra outperforms the 9500 non-Pro). In most cases the 5200 Ultra outperforms the 9200, but is outperformed by the Ti4200.

From the conclusions given, the 9500 Pro is probably the best bang for the buck videocard, as the 9600 Pro that's upcoming should be interesting as it's also 4 pixel pipelines but at a higher clockspeed.

Click here for Bjorn3d's review

Click here for 3DGPU's 5600 Ultra review

Click here for 3DGPU's 5200 Ultra review

Click here for ExtremeTech's review

Click here for Tom's review

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Sunday, March 9, 2003

NVIDIA's Geforce FX 5600/5200 launch video - Benjamin Sun
Noticed ON24 has the launch video of NVIDIA's 5600/5200 series. Something interesting of note, in the last minute of the video , Jen-Hsun Huang showed a demo of 4 Dawns moving around on production silicon of NVIDIA's next generation GPU.

Click here to see the video

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Thursday, March 6, 2003

Geforce 5600 and 5200 announced - Benjamin Sun
NVIDIA has announced the Geforce FX 5600 and 5200 cards. With a suggested retail price of 99-199, this will redefine the value and mainstream markets.

5600 Ultra
4 pixel pipelines
DirectX 9.0+ (PS 2.0+ , VS 2.0+ same featureset as Geforce FX 5800)
.13 micron
80 million transistors
nVision 2
128-bit floating point
MSRP $199

This is targeted to replace Ti4200 and will be much faster than the card it replaces.

5200 Ultra
same featureset of 5800 Ultra/5600
.15 micron
45 million transistors
325/325 core/memory
MSRP $149

Same featureset
lower clock speed
MSRP $99

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Hrm - Benjamin Sun
Don't know what's going on, but the database seems a little mixed up. In any event, we'll be seeing more 9800 Pro previews and some stuff NVIDIA related as well today

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9800 Pro Previews - Benjamin Sun
Here are some of the reviews

Click here for Anand's preview

Click here for HardOCP's preview

Click here to read Tom's preview

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ATI announces Radeon 9800 , 9600, 9200 - Benjamin Sun
ATI has announced the ATI Radeon 9800, 9600 and 9200 series. The following products are announced: Radeon 9800 Pro 256MB (available in April), Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB (available in March), Radeon 9800 (available in March) , Radeon 9600 Pro (available in March), Radeon 9600 , Radeon 9200

Radeon 9800 Pro
380/340 core/memory
8 pixel pipelines
DirectX 9.0++
OpenGL 2.0
F-Buffers with virtually unlimited pixel shaders
.15 micron
~around 20-25% faster than a Geforce FX 5800 Ultra
$399 MSRP

This card is going to rock! I will give a report on the card tomorrow, after I visit Doc Overclock. Hopefully, ATI will get a review unit out to me

The Radeon 9600 Pro is based on their RV350 chip
.13 micron
400/300 core/memory
4 Pixel Pipelines
2 Vertex Shader Pipelines
$169-199 MSRP

it's very very small :) and should form the basis for their M10 mobile chip

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Wednesday, March 5, 2003

Previous story - Benjamin Sun
EDIT: Sorry for anyone who read the press release, It's a unannounced product , and as it's not directly on Sapphire's page, not something I can post. Expect some things soon . All I will say

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Tuesday, March 4, 2003

MSI denies story - Benjamin Sun
Borsti from Rivastation has a comment from MSI stating that they did NOT switch from Nvidia to ATI. Interestingly, there's more to the story...

Click here for the story

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NVIDIA and ATI chip names - Benjamin Sun
Digitimes has a chart with the chip names for NVIDIA's and ATI's new chips scheduled to launch in a couple of days. Note, that the list has 3 chip names for Nvidia cards . Geforce FX 5800 , Geforce FX 5600 and Geforce FX 5200. Assuming the pricepoints for these cards correspond, that may mean the Geforce 5200 would be under $99, the Geforce 5600 would be $199 with corresponding ATI chips in every price category , except for the lowest end which would be based upon Radeon 9000 chips. Note, the Geforce FX name in the low end, which means, presumably that all cards will be DX9 based.

Click here for the story

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Sunday, March 2, 2003

Are You Ready Again? - Benjamin Sun
NVIDIA will announce the newest members of the GeforceFX family on March 6th.

Click here for more information

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my AIW VE review - Benjamin Sun
Well, another one of my reviews has been posted by Gamepyre.com.

Click here for the review

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Thursday, February 27, 2003

Nvidia to release $99 GeforceFX cards this quarter - Benjamin Sun
On February 24th, NVIDIA presented at the Morgan Stanley Technology Conference. As part of that presentatoin they had a chart, which showede Geforce FX class cards in every pricepoint  in this quarter $99, $199, $299, $399. As we've only seen 5800 Ultra and 5800 which are now making it to store shelves, it would seem that the earlier report of Extremetech was talking about these products. Hopefully, the full DX9 features of GeforceFX will be brought to the low cost versions

Click here to see the pdf

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Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Master Of Orion 3 Ships! - Benjamin Sun
I'm a old-school MOO player since the first one came out back in the PC Dark Ages. Many a hour was spent on MOO and MOO2 . Hopefully MOO3 will live up to the previous games. I have MOO3 in my hands right now. It's different.

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ATI's next generation - Benjamin Sun
Yahoo Finance has a story about ATI's next generation R350 and mainstream card coming "in the next 30 days". It's kind of disappointing that I'll likely have a next-generation ATI card before I have a Geforce FX. But them's the breaks.

Click here for the story

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Tuesday, February 25, 2003

First Geforce FX's ship to customers - Benjamin Sun
Despite all the rumors to the contrary, NVIDIA's Geforce FX has shipped today to Best Buy via BFG Technologies's Best Buy order program


Lake Bluff, IL - (February 25, 2003) - BFG Technologies, Inc, a prominent supplier of advanced 3D graphics cards for PCs, announced today that it has begun shipping the Asylum(tm) GeForce(tm) FX 5800 Ultra to fulfill the orders of customers who pre-purchased the product from Best Buy between January 15 and February 9, 2003.

"We are proud to be the first company to deliver this significant new graphics product into the hands of our customers," said Shane Vance, executive vice president of sales for BFG.  "We know how important it is to the pre-order customer to be one of the first to own the latest graphics technology, and our efforts to deliver these products before anyone else have paid off.  With this first-to-market win, BFG continues its quest to become the 3D graphics card provider of choice for the avid PC gamer."

BFG Technologies and Best Buy launched the successful pre-order program both online at www.bestbuy.com and in Best Buy stores around the country.  Retail customers who took advantage of the program were treated to a free, limited edition "pre-order box" filled with valuable rebate coupons and BFG Asylum collectibles.

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Friday, February 21, 2003

NVIDIA and ATI at GDC - Benjamin Sun
According to Extremetech, Nvidia is scheduled to have launches for new chips at the Game Developer's Forum. At Nvidia's conference call last week, they stated that 3 chips were "under heavy work at the fab" . Click here for the story

ATI, is apparently going to have a technical briefing as well. Could this be the R350 we're waiting for?

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Thursday, February 13, 2003

NVIDIA finanicals - Benjamin Sun
NVIDIA reported revenue of $469 million USD for the quarter ending January 2003, with net income of $50.9 million or 30 cents a share. After a benefit of 40 million for the XBOX, Nvidia earned 14 cents a share beating consensus estimates.

Click here for the earnings Press Release

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A update - Benjamin Sun
Thought you'd like a update. I've been busy with my job, and got into a little tiff with the missus. Unfortunately, I haven't been around much lately because of that.

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Thursday, February 6, 2003

NVIDIA and MS settle Xbox dispute - Benjamin Sun
NVIDIA and Microsoft have settled their XBox pricing dispute. Click here for the story

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Wednesday, January 29, 2003

New Nvidia drivers 1/30/2003 - Benjamin Sun
Nvidia will be releasing UDP (Unified Driver Package) version 1.03 for the nForce 1/2, on 1/30/2003 at 9am. I'll post a link once it's up

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Monday, January 27, 2003

Geforce FX Reviews - Benjamin Sun
Nvidia has always supported it's affiliates over the years with cards to review. And everyone I know that have supported them over the years that were affiliates, appreciates that very much. For the first time in years, however, NVIDiA due to lack of cards only provided cards to the biggest websites. It's unfortunate, that the card being as late as it is , wasn't available in more quantity.

Updated because of a misunderstanding between NVIDIA and myself. I apologize for airing it out in the manner it was aired out. It was unprofessional of me no matter what the reason.  

I'm disappointed with the first performance results. At best , it can be considered a wash with the Radeon 9700 Pro. With ATI's R350 set to come in March, the performance crown will likely be wrested by ATI in a short while.

You can read the preview Matt Burris wrote for 3DGPU using numbers provided by NVIDIA  by clicking here .

Click here for Extreme Tech's review

Click here for Tom's review

Click here for HardOCP's review

Click here for Anand's review

Click here for Hexus's review

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Tuesday, January 21, 2003

BFG Tech GeforceFX available for pre-order--- - Benjamin Sun
BFG Tech has officially announced their pre-order for their consumer GeforceFX card at Best Buy.

Preorder customers treated to free merchandise and rebates when purchasing NVIDIA next-generation technology through Best Buy and BFG Technologies

Lake Bluff, IL – (January 15, 2003) – BFG Technologies, Inc, a prominent supplier of advanced 3D graphics cards for PCs, announced today that customers now can preorder the latest Asylum™ video card featuring the NVIDIA® GeForce™ FX graphics processing unit (GPU) at Best Buy stores nationwide and at BestBuy.com.   The NVIDIA GeForce FX GPU is recognized as the industry’s first GPU to enable real-time, cinematic-quality graphics and special effects on desktop PCs.  Customers who preorder the Asylum GeForce FX from BFG and Best Buy will receive a limited edition box filled with valuable rebate coupons and BFG collectibles.  

“We are very pleased to offer this special preorder program with BFG Technologies,” said Kevin Balon, Business Team director for Peripherals at Best Buy.  “Best Buy and BFG are not only offering PC enthusiasts the opportunity to preorder the much anticipated GeForce FX, they are also providing over $100 of valuable rebates and merchandise making this a really exciting offer.”

“Hardcore gamers are excited to experience the awesome power of the NVIDIA GeForce FX GPU and we want to give them something special when they preorder the Asylum GeForce FX from BFG and Best Buy.,” said Scott Herkelman, executive vice president of marketing and business development for BFG Technologies.  “By providing big discounts on the items gamers love along with a few extras, we are giving something back to the gaming community.”

The limited-edition preorder box, available exclusively through Best Buy, can be picked up at any retail Best Buy store or shipped to customers who preorder Asylum GeForce FX online at www.bestbuy.com.  The preorder box contains an Asylum “Up All Nite” t-shirt, an Asylum skull cap, and over $100 of gaming-related rebate coupons from leading brands such as Altec Lansing, Imation, iRiver, Logitech, and Seagate. Also included is the BFG exclusive demo version of Novalogic “Delta Force; Black Hawk Down” video game with extras not available elsewhere.  Delta Force; Black Hawk Down is  part of the NVIDIA “The Way It’s Meant to Be Played Program” signifying that it was created for and runs best on NVIDIA hardware.

The Asylum GeForce FX retail in March 2003.

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Bjorn3d QuadroFX preview - Benjamin Sun
Bjorn has a preview of the QuadroFX cards

Click here for the preview

Of note is the fact that the QuadroFX will NOT require the crazy cooling of GeforceFX, and that 2048 pixel shader instructions in a pass are supported

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QuadroFX announced - Benjamin Sun
Nvidia has announced their Quadro version of their GeforceFX card. This card based upon NV30, will hit retail next month before the consumer GeforceFX does.

NVIDIA Quadro FX Workstation Graphics Redefine Professional Application Performance

NVIDIA Quadro FX Series of Workstation Graphics Solutions Available Worldwide

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Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Catalyst 3.0 WHQLed - Benjamin Sun
ATI has released new Catalyst drivers that are now Windows Hardware Quality Labs certified. They also fix the stuttering problem

Click here to download them

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GeforceFX pre-order - Benjamin Sun
BFG Tech has a pre-order page for their GeforceFX card. It's going to retail at $399 and if you pre-order you get the following:

-Get 10% off any Logitech product
-Purchase iRiver 190T MP3 player from iRiver and receive $10 back
-Purchase any Altec Lansing product over $99 and receive $20 cash back
-Get 50% off Imation 50pk CD-R with this mail-in rebate
-Purchase a Seagate 120GB internal hard drive 2MB cache and 8MB cache and get $50 cash back (retail price $189 and $199 respectively)

Click here to pre-order

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Thursday, January 9, 2003

NVIDIA press releases - Benjamin Sun
Nvidia expands the Way It's Meant To Be Played program to the Macintosh

NVIDIA Personal Cinema Makes It Easy To Turn Home Videos into DVD Movies

NVIDIA NVDVD 2.0 Now Available With All eVGA Geforce4 Cards

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A7N8x Beta Bioses released - Benjamin Sun
Asus has released new beta BIOSes for both their A7N8x and A7N8x Deluxe

Click here for the download page

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