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Radeon 9800 Pro review from Guru3d

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This download page has a small list of programs that you can't live without!

This is a video card's best friend. You can modify every feature you can imagine on your video card. You can tweak refresh rates, position, color depth, resolution, power saving features, query PNP monitors, color calibrate, and overclock your video card. All of this is supported under Windows 9x/NT/2k


HyperSnap DX
This program is a all-on-one video capture program. Think of the [PRINTSCREEN] key on crack. You can snap pictures from games, videos, and DVD programs. Basically from anything you can see on your screen, you can capture.


This program is a refresh rate tweak program. It supports multiple graphics cards and is a fairly small download. Windows NT is not supported!


This tool is a refresh rate tool for DOS. It's a little TSR that sits in memory and dynamically adjusts your refresh rate that DOS is using at the time. Nothing else out there can touch this program!


SciTech Software
SciTech has a couple programs that you might be interested in. First, they have a program called Display Doctor. This program can set extend the number of resolutions supported on your video card, add VBE 3.0 support, and diagnose your video card. This program had a use back in the old DOS days with non-standard video cards. Don't get it if you have a fairly new video card. Second, they have another program called GLDirect. This program adds OpenGL support to video cards that don't have OpenGL drivers or poor OpenGL support. This program wraps OpenGL and uses your video card's Direct3D API. Again, there isn't much use for this program unless you have a really old or a poorly supported video card. One major use also is support for OpenGL programs with shutter VR glasses. If you have a Asus VR glasses or ELSA's 3D Revelator, GLDirect will allow you to use OpenGL programs and hook them into Direct3D in order for the VR glasses to work. These VR glasses currently don't support OpenGL - only Direct3D.


3DMark MAX
This is the standard benchmark program for video cards out there. It will benchmark all 3D functions and 2D features on your video card. And it also doubles as a demo as well.


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