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Joe Glass
November 15, 1999

ELSA brings high performance with a low price...


ELSA has always been a strong video card manufaturer in Europe. In many ways, they're under-appreciated for the products that they manufacture in the US. With strong brand names such as Diamond and Creative, there was too much brand name saturation that I feel created too much confusion for the casual buyer. Recently with the disappearance of Diamond using NVIDIA chipsets, the (temporary) fallout of Hercules, and the merger of STB with 3dfx, ELSA was in a unique position to gain market share in the US. They have shown strides in accomplishing this. ELSA demonstrates this with the release of their ELSA 3DREVELATOR glasses as a stand-alone product, more points-of-presence with their ERAZOR line at retail chains, and new ELSA product commercials on US television stations. I applaud their efforts in getting their name out. The average computer user just doesn't know ELSA yet.

The latest released product from ELSA is the ELSA ERAZOR III using the NVIDIA TNT2 chipset. It being an NVIDIA based chipset, expect a level of performance equal to other TNT2 chipsets made by other manufacturers. With the GeForce 256 released, what can the ERAZOR III do for you? ELSA will be releasing their ERAZOR X and also their Quadro based Gloria II. As always, prices will go down and the ERAZOR III is in a position for budget minded users.

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