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Benjamin Sun
May 28, 2002

  • NV25 chipset with 275/275 core/DDR memory
  • nView
  • Accuview Anti-Aliasing
  • nFiniteFX II
  • LightSpeed Memory Architechture II
  • Dual programmable vertex shaders
  • DirectX and S3 Texture Compression
  • Programmable Pixel Shaders
nView is NVIDIA's multiple display technology for the GeForce4 series of cards. The successor to the TwinView technology found on the GeForce2 MX series of cards, nView brings NVIDIA's multi-display functions up to and exceeding the competitor's offerings of Hydravision (ATI) and Dualhead (Matrox). nView brings the following hardware features to the GeForce4 line for multi-display:
  • Dual 350Mhz RAMDACs which drive two monitors without the need for additional components
  • Dual CRT pipes which drive independent graphics and video data
  • An integrated Video Processing Unit (VPU) which delivers the highest quality DVD and video output
  • Dual LVDS transmitters, which drive high resolution LCD panels
nView software was designed to deliver new features that redefine the industry standard for multi-display solutions. Every feature is designed to simplify setup and support, allow for full customization, and maximize user productivity. Key nView components include:
  • Setup Wizard
  • Multi Display Modes
  • Desktop Management
  • Windows and application management
  • Hot Keys
  • Application extensions for Microsoft's
  • Internet Explorer and Outlook Express
  • Transparency effects
  • Setup profiles
  • Advanced zoom features for detailed editing

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