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Benjamin Sun
November 26, 2001

GeForce3 Ti500 Features
  • DirectX Pixel Shader compliance 1.3
  • DirectX Vertex Shader compliance 1.1
  • Shadow Buffers
  • Volume textures and Volumetric Texture compression
  • 240mhz core clock/260 mhz DDR memory clock
  • High Resolution Anti Aliasing
  • LightSpeed Memory Architecture
The GeForce3 Ti500 is NVIDIA's performance card. Boasting a core clock of 240mhz, with 4 pixel pipelines and 2 texture units per pipeline, the Ti500 is capable of 960megapixel fillrate and a multitexture fillrate of 1.92 gigatexels. The projected retail price of this card is $399, replacing the regular GeForce3 in NVIDIA's lineup. Using an enhanced .15 micron process, the GeForce3 Ti500 is not only faster, but gives NVIDIA a higher yield than the regular GeForce3 allowing them to sell the card cheaper, with a faster core/memory clock and lower costs of producing the cards to the manufacturer.

NVIDIA's documentation indicates a 500mhz memory clock. When checking the clock with Coolbits, however, I found that the GeForce3 Ti500's memory clock is set at 516mhz. Upon checking some of the preorder sites for information, I found that the GeForce3 Ti500 from at least one manufacturer (Asus will ship with 3.5ns memory which will allow for a memory clockspeed of  280mhz or 560mhz effective but will ship at the default speeds of 240mhz core/500 mhz memory) will ship at the same clockspeed or higher.  Given that information, it's a fair assumption that NVIDIA's partners will ship with a 240mhz core clockspeed and 520mhz memory clockspeed.

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