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Joe Glass
October 30, 2001

What is it?
This NVIDIA's first device that is a multi-function device that provides TV tuning, closed-circuit TV, recording, and video output. NVIDIA has partnered with several vendors to provide the software applications to utilize the Personal Cinema. We will get into this more later.

The Personal Cinema is a break-out box that has a Antenna/Cable coaxial input, an FM coaxial input, composite in, s-video in, line in, composite out, and s-video out. The casing is an iMac'ish translucent green. Near the front is an infrared receiver and light that flickers when a button is pressed on the remote.

The Personal Cinema comes with an IR remote control which accesses all the most common features of the Personal Cinema. There are 28 buttons and uses two AAA batteries. The remote has a steep learning curve, especially for those that don't like to read manuals to learn the remote.

NVIDIA licenses the Personal Cinema just like their graphics boards. VisionTek has stepped up to the plate and created the VisionTek Xtasy Everything 5564. "Everything" is the key word since it has nearly every feature you could ever want. The base of the bundle is a GeForce2 MX400 board (Xtasy 5564). This is like any other GeForce2 MX400 with two exceptions. First, it has a secondary VGA connector to add another monitor if you so please. Second, the regular S-Video connector is substituted with a special 9-pin connector that is used to connect to the Personal Cinema break-out box.

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