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Joe Glass
May 4, 2001

The PackageManual Picture
VisionTek has put together a no frills package. It comes with the GeForce3 board in a static bag, a driver CD, and one manual. I suspect this is to keep the costs low. Typically, a board would come with a demo CD or a full retail game. You won't find any of that here. And rightly so - there are no retail games available that fully takes advantage of GeForce3 pixel and vertex shaders. You'll have to wait for the next round of next generation games to see the GeForce3 at its best.

NVIDIA has heard the cries of it's users and have slashed prices for their GeForce3. We previously reported that GeForce3 boards were priced at $400 - $500. We are pleased to report now that GeForce3 boards are going for $370 and sometimes even lower. This is much cheaper than what the GeForce2 Ultra board was originally priced. Make no mistake. These boards are priced to move!

The board itself is standard NVIDIA issue. This retail board is AGP based capable of AGP4x. There are passive heatsinks on the memory and an active cooler on the chip itself. They have an attractive green color and it obviously keeps the board from overheating. As for stability, I found this board to be much more stable than NVIDIA's reference board which I had previously to this board. It never crashed during my testing during benchmarks. When compared to the reference board, the VisionTek GeForce3 had an overall sleeker appearance to it.

For outputs, the board comes with an analog VGA connector and a S-Video connector for composite output. The video out is driven by a Conexant chip. It's the same as older NVIDIA boards and I can't say much about it other than it let's you output to TV. The TV visual quality is nowhere near an ATI RADEON All in Wonder, but it'll get you there.

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