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Benjamin Sun
October 10, 2000

The Box
One thing about 3dfx that's been a standard in the 3d card industry has been their wonderful eye-catching retail boxes. Dave Mckean, the artist who worked on DC Comic's Sandman, has done the artwork for the V5 series retail boxes. The V5 5500 box has a picture of a face that is cracked with two eyess staring straight at you. On the back cover there's a Halo picture and a picture of 3dfx's biplane FSAA demo. Also present is a picture of the card without the heatsinks attached.

Voodoo5 5500 Box

The retail package contains:
3dfx Voodoo5 5500 AGP 64MB Dual-Chip SLI 2D/3D Accelerator
Quick Install Guide
Power "Y" Cable
Voodoo5  Installation CD containing:
DirectX, Glide and OpenGL drivers 3dfx Tools
The Card and Installation
The V5 5500 is a long card. I have several videocards in the house: Geforce2 GTS, V5 5500, Rage Fury Maxx, Viper II, Annihilator Pro (Geforce DDR), Viper 770 (TNT2), Viper550 (TNT1) and several others. The V5 5500 is the longest card out of all of my videocards. I had to move one cable to install it in my machine and reseat the soundcard. Otherwise installation was a snap. Uninstalled the 6.18 Geforce drivers, turned off the computer, inserted the V5 5500 and plugged the power cord into the connector. Voila! After restarting the computer, Windows asked me for a driver and I inserted the driver CD. After a reboot and installation of the 3dfx Tools, I was good to go!

Truth to tell, I've never had many problems installing a videocard. One videocard (the Viper II) once required a BIOS upgrade before I could use it on my motherboard, but otherwise installation of videocards has been very easy and relatively pain-free. 3dfx is to be commended for easy driver installation. Some manufacturers aren't so accommadating (try finding a driver on Creative Lab's site I have, it at times is like finding a needle in a haystack).

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