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Joe Glass
September 28, 2000

Give me direction
Along with the three thumb buttons, there is an eight way directional hat. It has pronounced notches for each direction. With those notches, it isn't hard to know what direction the hat is pointed to. The stick is firm and uses a padded spring and a rubber lining wrapped around the base. Lastly, the throttle lever is pointed inward. It is on both sides and unified with a crossbar. It can be rolled on either side of the base. The rolling is smooth and gives some resistance.

The Cyborg requires Windows 98, 98SE, ME, or MacOS 9. Under Windows, DirectX 7a must also be installed. Just attach the Cyborg to a free USB port in Windows 98 SE. Then drop in the driver CD and it will launch the installation program. Within the list of Saitek Joysticks, just pick the Cyborg 3D. Reboot and then configure the stick using the joystick configuration panel in control panel. The Saitek driver CD comes with Saitek Gaming Extensions. This little TSR sits in your tray monitoring the games that you run. It allows you to preprogram the stick for games that might not support the stick correctly. With it you can program up to 24 actions. However, I found that you hardly ever need this program.

The Cyborg functioned well in all the games I tested. The game I tested was Freespace 2. Freespace was able to detect all the buttons available on the Cyborg. I was successfully able to map all the buttons to my custom button layout. I was even able to use the twist function of the stick to pivot my ship. Within the game, I had no trouble controlling the ship. Every button was accurate and responsive. The throttle and stick was smooth to control. Because of the rubber padding at the base and the spring loaded stopper, the stick springs back center consistently.

The Cyborg 3D USB GOLD is an exceptional value with features found in more expensive joysticks. With its easy customization and features such as ten buttons, throttle, hat, twisting stick, and USB support, the Cyborg is loaded. I highly recommend the Cyborg 3D USB GOLD for anyone needing an inexpensive flight joystick with the best features.

Visit Saitek's Website for more information.
Currently there is no information of this flightstick on Saitek's website.

Price: $49.95

Buy Online: http://www.viaweb.com/saitekusa/

Joe Glass

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