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Saturday, November 13, 1999

Winfast GeForce Review - Joe Glass
HotHardware posted a review on Leadtek's WinFast GeForce 256 board. They have the usual benchmarks and commentary about the board. Along with CNET's review, this should be one of the first reviews of the board. Read it here.

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GeForce 256 Roundup - Joe Glass
CNET's Ken Feinstein posted a 3 way GeForce 256 round up. This roundup includes Guillemot's 3D Prophet, Creative Lab's 3D Blaster, and Leadtek's Winfast GeForce 256. Read it up here.

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S3 PR and S2k - Joe Glass
According to this new press release from S3, the Savage 2000 is expected to hit stored around November 22, a few days past the reported November 19! Read the press release here.

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Friday, November 12, 1999

New Annihilator Drivers - Joe Glass
New drivers for Creative Labs Annihilator GeForce 256 have appeared. Go grab them off Creative's FTP here.

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Giga-byte does Matrox - Joe Glass
It would appear Giga-byte is getting in bed with Matrox and their G400 board. What could make Matrox sell their chips to board manufacturers? Who knows, but you can take a look here.

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Xentor 32 SE Review - Joe Glass
SharkyExtreme posted a review of Falcon Northwest's Xentor 32 SE. This board is a special Xentor board from Guillemot that's clocked at 195mhz core! With GeForce 256's everywhere, the TNT2 still has some power left for you. Read it here.

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GeForce on CPUs - Joe Glass
Borsti's RIVA Station has a good round up of a reference GeForce 256 DDR board on several CPU ranging from a AMD K6-2 to a Pentium III 750mhz. Go check it out here.

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Thursday, November 11, 1999

Euro SB Live Plantium Review - Joe Glass
3dSoundSurge posted their review of Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live! Platinum. They have benchmarks and commentary from the webmasters. Take a look here.

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TechWeb Article - Joe Glass
TechWeb has the exact same article we reported earlier, "3dfx burned by Napalm". Do they buy these articles or what? Anyway, read it here.

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GeForce 256 w/metal plate - Joe Glass
The guys over at FastGraphics posted a picture of a GeForce 256 with a metal plate on top. It would appear this version of the GeForce 256 has a heat plate for better heat dissepation. They also have a picture of a ASUS V6600 with a peltier/heatsink combo. They got it up to 190mhz core! Head to FastGraphics for the info.

Update: If my guess is right, riva.hardware.net reported a few days ago that ELSA's ERAZOR X also has this metal plate.

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3.56 Detonator Drivers - Joe Glass
Actual Reference NVIDIA 3.56 Detonator drivers for Win9x have popped up on the net and several mirrors are carrying them. These complement the Windows 2000 drivers seen from Asus. As usual, the Russian RIVA websites have them online! =) They even have new TNT drivers. Grab them below.

GameOver Denmark

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3d fight @ TechZone - Joe Glass
The TechZone has posted an article on the history of 3d chipsets of the past, present, and future. It's a multi-part article so read up on the first installment here.

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CL GeForce Review - Joe Glass
GameOver Denmark has a Creative Labs GeForce 256 review posted. Yes, this review is in English so be sure to read it here.

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Wednesday, November 10, 1999

3dfx burned by Napalm - Joe Glass
EETimes has an article online that goes into the detail about 3dfx and their upcoming Napalm chipset. They quote several people from the AEA Classics conference and get the thoughts of several companies about 3dfx. This is a must read. Check it.

With 14 million transistors, Napalm proved a challenge for back-end place and route. "It was so complex, it was breaking some emulation tools. It took a long time to verify," he said. The company is confident that the chip will be ready in the February-April fiscal quarter, Zacarias said.

Demand for the Voodoo3 is quite strong, he said, but the San Jose-based company has been forced to cut its price in the face of competition from Nvidia's GeForce chip. Without a hot new product in the Christmas season, 3dfx seems certain to lose some share in the retail market, where it is the leader.

"3dfx has imploded, basically," said Kenneth Potashner, CEO of rival S3 Inc., during his presentation at the same conference.

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New ASUS drivers and BIOS - Joe Glass
ASUS of Taiwan posted new 3.56 Detonator drivers for the V3800 and also a new BIOS for the V3800 PRO. You can grab them here.

V3800 3.56 driver
V3800PRO BIOS 2.13

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G400 Review - Joe Glass
3dchipset has a review online about Matrox's G400 Single Head (yes, the G400 has many heads). Read up the review here.

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ERAZOR III Review - Joe Glass
ChipTesters posted a review on ELSA ERAZOR III board with 3DREVELATOR glasses. If you don't know much about the ERAZOR III, then read the review here. FYI, we'll have our ERAZOR III review posted online this week as well!

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S3/Diamond Interview - Joe Glass
3DWars has an interview with Stacy Long, PR Manager at Diamond. They don't go into anything juicy. It's your typical PR manager "safe" interview. Read it here.

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Aureal 3.0 SDK - Joe Glass
Aureal announced today the release of their A3D 3.0 SDK. There's a whole list of new features too numerous to post here. Check out the press release here. When will we see support? I'm not sure, but I hear new Vortex2 drivers are on the way this month.

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Speculation, Rumors, and Commentary - Joe Glass
What's in store for the next generation of video cards?

Well, it will obviously be known this November 15th at Comdex. What will it have? It'll have 32bit support (finally), AGP 4x support, T-Buffer effects, and one giga-pixel fill rate. I'm willing to go out on a limb and say there will be FXT1 compression support as well. It just makes sense to 3dfx to implement it into Napalm after all this time. Sadly, samples won't be availble until next February. What's next? 3dfx's next chipset will have T&L on-board.

All the reviews out there for the ATI RAGE FURY MAXX just don't put the MAXX in a good spot light. Comparing it to a GeForce 256 DDR doesn't help things either. No amount of driver tweak can get this card faster than a GeForce 256 unless you have a fast CPU. Even then, what CPU would you have left that you used to get there compared to a GeForce 256 setup? One thing is for sure. At two chips and 64mb ram, ATI is barely making a penny on this card. Hey, you gotta come out with a new card every six months right? But things are looking good on the horizon. Why did ATI just slap two Rage Fury chips instead of coming out with new tech? They're coming out with a new chipset next year called Rage Five. What's in it? T&L of course.

All signs point to near GeForce 256 SDR performance with their Savage 2000 chipset debuting on Diamond Viper II boards. Some boards have shipped, yet not officially. It looks like November 19th is the magic date. I hope their drivers are better than their Savage 3 & 4.

The GeForce DDR based boards should be hitting late November on into December. Just in time to make early Christmas shoppers. But wait! What about NVIDIA's Quadro (aka NV12)? The Quadro has actually been in co-development right along with the GeForce 256. In actual boards, ELSA's Gloria II is on the map just short of $900 cheap. Hmm, "under $900".. Right, $899.99 Hehe. With optimised, line anti-aliasing (good for wireframes in 3D programs like 3D Studio MAX and Maya), 64mb of DDR ram, and heavy performance tweaks in OpenGL, this board will hit the 3D workstation market not only in the wallet but in performance as well! I wonder if there's multi-threaded optimizations in the drivers as well? Since it's ELSA, will there be stereo glasses support in OpenGL? Alot of questions unanswered...

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Matrox Interview - Joe Glass
HotHardware has a interview with Matrox's Product Marketing Manager, Kamran Ahmed. They talk about the G400 and some features that set the G400 apart. Read it here.

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ERAZOR X release date - Joe Glass
Word on the street is that the ELSA ERAZOR X, ELSA's GeForce 256 board, will go on sale this November 30. Save you pennies for this board folks, they're going to bundle their 3DREVELATOR glasses with this one!

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Another MAXX review - Joe Glass
Tom's Hardware hit this one a bit late but they posted their review of ATI's Rage Fury MAXX. Is it me or does every site that reviewed this board throw it up against a Creative Labs GeForce 256? Anyway, read it up here.

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Tuesday, November 9, 1999

New Matrox Drivers - Joe Glass
Matrox sent word that they have posted new drivers for their Matrox line of video cards. These babies are unified so one set does work for all. Go grab them here.

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More MAXX Reviews - Joe Glass
Tom's Hardware has their 2 cents on the ATI Rage Fury MAXX and so does Gamer's Depot. Check them out. Did the ATI Rage Fury MAXX beat the GeForce cards? Not at all..

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S3 Announces Viper II Release - Joe Glass
Well, technically no. They mentioned - "mid-November". They probably mean the 19th. Who knows.

S3's New Diamond Viper II Graphics Accelerator To Hit Retail Stores In Time For The Holidays

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NVIDIA @ RadioWallStreet - Joe Glass
RadioWallStreet will have a live Internet broadcast talkshow today. Among the topics of discussion will be NVIDIA and their current financial position. It should be a good listen for those of you who own NVIDIA stock. Head to the RadioWallStreet website for more information.

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3dfx Countdown - Joe Glass
At 3dfx's website, you'll see that they have their hype machine on overdrive - much like NVIDIA's changing the world. What will we see at Comdex this November 15th? We'll know soon enough.

3dfx website

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WinDVD 2k - Joe Glass
Intervideo hasn't been sitting around. Today, Intervideo has announced two new products that they will be demonstrating at Comdex.

You can read about the WinDVD 2k here.

You can read about the WinDVR.

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Savage 2k Delayed - Joe Glass
According to Savage2000.com, the Viper II boards will not be shipped until November 19th.

Now, about a week ago, I saw a Viper II boards at a local Best Buy. No kidding! I didn't think of it at the time, but this Sunday, I come back, all the boards were gone! Hmm... A recall? Who knows? I'll see what my Best Buy "Super Spy" Insider says soon for an update!

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WAVE Report - Joe Glass
The WAVE report posted two bits of news. One, S3 completed their venture with VIA.

S3 and VIA Finalize Joint Venture (November 2)

S3 and VIA Technologies announced the establishment of a joint venture to bring high-performance integrated graphics and core logic chip sets to the volume OEM desktop and notebook PC markets. Tentatively named S3-VIA, Inc., the company will have joint funding, exclusive access to both company's technology and distribution rights for developed products between S3 and VIA.

Scheduled to ship its first product in early 2000 - with samples in the current quarter - the venture has already begun work on next-generation designs based on S3 and VIA's respective technology roadmaps. These next-generation designs include an integrated mobile chip set based on S3's Savage/IX architecture; a higher performance integrated desktop chip set based on S3's Savage2000 architecture and several AMD K7 designs.

In addition, with the financial backing of S3 and VIA, the joint venture is also pursuing the acquisition of companies or technologies that allow it to build a dominant position in the integrated OEM component market.

VIA Technologies designs, engineers, and manufactures cost-effective, highly integrated, high functionality x86 processors, system logic chipsets and associated peripherals for manufacturers of desktop and portable PC systems.

And another with NVIDIA...

nVIDIA Creates Discontinuity in Workstation Market with Graphics Processing Unit (November 1)

nVIDIA announced the Quadro workstation GPU. Based on nVIDIA's single-chip integrated QuadEngine transform and lighting architecture, the Quadro is targeted for the digital content creation and MCAD design market and is able to process more than 200 billion operations per second. The Quadro delivers up to 17 million triangles per second and a texture fill rate of up to 540 million pixels per second. Quadro offers anti-aliased points and lines, two-sided lighting, front buffer 3D clipping and shared back-buffer support. nVIDIA Quadro-based products will ship with Intel's next-generation Pentium III- and AMD Athlon-optimized OpenGL drivers for Windows 2000, Windows NT and Linux.

The nVIDIA Quadro workstation GPU will be offered in the GLoria II professional graphics accelerator board from Elsa Inc. Chip pricing will be between $100-$150.

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ATI Rage Fury MAXX @ FS - Joe Glass
Thresh's FiringSquad posted a review on ATI's Rage Fury MAXX. This time, the MAXX performed like I thought it would. FS used a P3-600 as a test bed. The MAXX didn't perform so well. You can take a look here.

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Benchmark Comparison - Joe Glass
I took a look at SharkyExtreme's ATI Rage Fury MAXX preview. I compared their benchmarks to my GeForce 256 DDR benchmarks in Quake3. You'll be surprised by the comparison.

Quake3 Test 1.08 sound off / vsync off / high quality
GeForce 256 DDR AGP / 120 core / 300mhz memory
P2-400 / 192mb ram / ABIT BX6 / Win98SE / DirectX 7
NVIDIA 3.47 BETA Reference drivers

Sharky's sound was left on using a SB Live in their test machine. I don't know how much of an impact that has on performance or what driver build they were using or what OS was used. Not enough info was provided in their benchmarks. But for a P3-800mhz I think there wouldn't be too much of a loss in performance on a rocket like that!

GeForce 256 DDR: 74.4
ATI Rage Fury MAXX: 71.4

GeForce 256 DDR: 62
ATI Rage Fury MAXX: 49.4

GeForce 256 DDR: 22.5
ATI Rage Fury MAXX: 23.3

Not too bad to say myself - especially a P2-400mhz machine. That's half the speed of Sharky's P3-800mhz and NO SSE was available on my P2. FYI, the GeForce 256 drivers have SSE optimizations. I wonder what the GeForce 256 DDR would do on a P3-800!

Also, Sharky's test machine had an i820 chipset with AGP4X enabled. They overclocked the chip and possibly overclocked the front site bus as well. My BX6 has plain AGP2X - no overclocks at all. Hmm, food for thought.

I can see the flames now! Both cards aren't out yet and both use beta drivers. The MAXX has twice the ram the GeForce 256 has. ATI Fan: The GeForce 256 uses DDR ram!!! NVIDIA Fan: The MAXX uses two chips and twice the ram!

Is it a fair comparison? You decide.

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Sunday, November 7, 1999

PCRave Launches - Joe Glass
Well, we finally got this thing out the door. What is it? It's a whole new site from the makers of RivaRave. Expect more reviews than before, news updates from myself and Doug B. (aka Bface), and more coverage on PC products overall. This is going to be a great site for everyone, and I do hope that you set your bookmarks to make this site an everyday visit! Be sure to check out the whole site to get a feel, and let us know what you think of the site!

For all you NVIDIA fans, we have a special two-punch combo review of the NVIDIA GeForce 256 DDR and an interview with NVIDIA's PR Manager, Rich Black!

While you're here, check out our review of Microsoft's new Intellimouse Explorer!


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