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Joe Glass
March 12, 2000

X-Box specifications
600 Mhz Intel Pentium III CPU
64 MB Unified 200mhz DDR memory (6.4 GB/s bandwidth)
8 GB Hard drive
4x DVD drive
8 MB memory card
10/100 Ethernet (modem downgrade optional)
Proprietary A/V connector
4 controller ports using proprietary USB connections

GPU specifications
300 Mhz NV25 NVIDIA core
4.8 gigapixels per second fill rate
4.8 gigapixels per second with 4 textures per polygon
4 texels per pipeline
300 million polygons per second peak
100+ million polygons per second sustained (lit and textured)
8:1 texture compression support
Full Screen Anti-Aliasing
Micro polygon support
1920x1080 max resolution
DVD and HDTV Support

64 channels
3D Audio
AC3 decoding

Operating System
Windows 2000 Kernal
DirectX 8 API

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